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Zebra Cupcakes

By joylise · April 6, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

How to Make Pink and Black Zebra Cupcakes!

For my daughter's 3rd Birthday we had a Barbie-Q! The decor was hot pink, black, and white. My inspiration for these cupcakes was a zebra and hot pink tutu I bought for her to wear and these recipes:

Rainbow Cake:
Zebra Cupcakes:
Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee Tie Dye cupcakes: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/sandra-lee/tie-dyed-cupcakes-recipe/index.html

I took all of this inspiration and created pink, black and white zebra cupcakes! So here it is, super easy, fashionable, fun, and delicious too!!


You Will Need:
1 Boxed White Cake Mix
1 Boxed Chocolate Cake Mix
2 cans of White Frosting (I used cream cheese frosting- my hubby's fave)
Black dye for Icing - Wilton (optional)
2 tubes of black cake decorating gel
1 tube of glittery pink cake decorating gel
cupcake liners (I used plain white ones- because the pretty design showed right through the liners!)
Sugar Glitter (optional)
Neon Food Coloring (pink & purple)
(PLUS all ingredients called for on cake mix boxes- eggs, oil, water etc.)

Zebra Cupcakes

See more of my Zebra Cupcakes list at ThisNext.

Step 1: Preheat oven and line cupcake pan with liners. Prepare chocolate cake mix according to instructions on box. When batter is mixed, (if desired for darker black zebra stripes) add approx. 1/2 tsp. of Wilton's black icing dye to batter- this intensifies the black color (or you could use a dark chocolate cake mix).

Step 2: Prepare White cake mix according to instructions on box. In a smaller bowl, scoop about 1 cup of the white batter (This can be adjusted to your liking, I wanted more pink and black, and just a little bit of white). Set this aside- this will remain white. Now it is time to dye the remaining white batter that fun pink! To the larger amount of white batter, add 35 drops of the pink neon dye, and 3 drops of the purple. Adjust accordingly to your liking (This was the formula I used to get the pink color you see below). Mix all batters thoroughly until they are the color you like - remember that the cupcakes will bake lighter then the color of the batter.
Step 2: Filling the cupcake liners: Beginning with chocolate, use a small spoon and add a spoonful of chocolate to each cupcake liner. Bang cupcake pan on counter to spread cupcake batter- carefully- don't jostle liners too much!
Step 3: Filling the cupcake liners: Alternate batter colors- spoonful of chocolate- bang bang bang- spoonful of pink batter- bang bang bang- spoonful of white batter- bang bang bang. The smaller the spoonfuls, the more complex your zebra pattern will be. I did larger spoonfuls with the first batch, and did not bang on counter, and they looked more like camouflage. You want each spoonful to be in the center of the previous color. Do this until cupcake liners are 3/4 full- do not overfill, do not underfill- note how high your first batch goes, and adjust accordingly. Also, cut open a cupcake from your first batch and make sure you like the design- adjust to your liking.
PhotobucketStep 4: Baking the cupcakes- Bake according to instructions on box- check with a toothpick. When finished baking (no wet goo on toothpick) pull out of oven, place on counter and let cool for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, move carefully (I use a skewer to just lift one side and grab) to a cooling rack, and let cool completely before frosting, about 1-2 hours.
Step 5: Frosting the Cupcakes- Frost each cupcake with a base layer of white frosting and set aside.

Step 7: Creating a Zebra design: Onto white frosted cupcakes, pipe alternating lines of black and pink gels- about 4 lines of each color.

Step 8: Drag toothpick through lines in even strokes *WIPE TOOTHPICK CLEAN AFTER EACH TIME- TO AVOID SMEARING THE GEL* (about 4-5 lines perpendicularly).
Step 9: Turn Cupcakes the other way, and drag toothpick another 4-5 lines in between previous lines, (DON'T FORGET TO WIPE TOOTHPICK CLEAN EACH TIME) creating the zebra waves/lines on the cupcakes!
PhotobucketNow if you want, you can add glitter to the outsides, or leave them as is! For my party, I saved 8 cupcakes and piped my daughters name onto them, added glitter sugar, and polka dots.

The great thing about these cupcakes is that they can be done any way you want- make them low fat by using 7-up instead of eggs and oil (like omnomicon does), if you don't like chocolate, color white cake mix black, make zebra and turquoise or any other color you want! These were truly delicious by the way, I loved the chocolate mixed with the white- super yummy! I hope you enjoyed this! If you have any further questions, comments, suggestions, or opinions, PLEASE comment, or e-mail me - and if you make these, I'd love to see your pictures and post them on here! Contact me here:



posted by Angie Marion

those look so good! thanks for sharing! I'm visiting you from MomLogic!

posted by Furious Mom

Great job on the cupcakes! I wish I was that creative.

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